About Us

Business insurance in India is broken. In 2021, we spoke to over 500 business owners over 3 months. Regardless of industry, they had all had bad experiences.

Insurance agents would ask them endless questions in order to generate quotes, jotting down their responses with pen and paper

Insurance companies would flood their inboxes with proposals, nearly always missing key details about their business

The pain didn't end after buying a policy. Raising an endorsement or claim request led to delays, confusion, and not to mention stacks of paperwork.

There are clearly several problems with this process. But we also saw an opportunity- one that could revolutionise commercial insurance in India forever.

That's why we are building Verak- to make insurance a breeze for business owners.

Our 60+ strong team is spread across 17 cities in India. Each member resonates deeply with our vision.


Ramesh Vishnoi

Senior Software Engineer

Business owners have a lot to worry about even aside from the possibility of sudden threats striking their business. Having the relevant insurance in place helps them deal with that posibility.


Vedika Agarwal

Product Marketing Manager

I have personally seen two incidents of fire, caused by a short-circuit, at my family business. If we didn’t have insurance, it would have been hard to recover.


Sid Shah

Tech Lead

I resonate with Verak’s mission to insure SMEs because they are the nation’s key economic drivers. By securing them, we are deepening economic freedom from the grassroots.


Pragati Shivhare

UX Researcher

My family has a liquor contracting business in MP. Since childhood, I was witness to quite a few financial losses due to the various risks involved. With Verak, thousands of business owners across the country won’t have to face the same.


Kushaal Virmani

Finance Controller

Over the past 10 years, I have seen many business owners in my network struggle due to fire caused by short circuits. People affected by such incidents had never heard about Fire Insurance, and that is the gap Verak is trying to bridge.

Each of our team members is driven by 5 culture tenants:

accountable to customers

Be accountable to our customers

business owner mindset

Have a business owner’s mindset

take pride in work

Take pride in your work

steward investor capital

Be a steward of investor capital

ambassador of company

Be an ambassador of the company

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