Give your business 360° protection with our Safety Plan!

Give your business 360° protection with our Safety Plan!

Safeguard your business from present and future threats

Insurance for 15+ risks

Including fire, theft, flood and riots.

Safety equipment for all-round protection

CCTV cameras and Fire Extinguishers to keep your business safe from harm

Why does my business need insurance?


Why does my business need insurance?

Get financial security against 15 common risks
Ensure business continuity even if disaster strikes
Get peace of mind to deal with things you can’t control

Why does my business need safety equipment?


Why does my business need safety equipment?

Prevent threats from becoming problems
Get a discount on your insurance premium
Make getting insurance claims easier

Our CCTV cameras will keep your business safe!

  • Trusted manufacturing:
    Proudly made in India and released in July 2022
  • Superior Quality:
    Captures footage in 1080p
  • New-age features:
    • Cloud storage and backup
    • Built-in alarm
    • View footage in the app
    • Attached speakers for real-time communication

Why Trust Verak?



Total businesses insured with us



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Certified by

IRDAI, Govt. of India

Get a Safety Plan from Verak today!

Online and paperless buying process

Expert guidance from purchase to support to claims

Best Prices for insurance and safety equipment

Get complete security for your business today!

secure your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: As per IRDAI, is it mandatory to take a safety plan?
No, it is not compulsory to have a CCTV camera or Fire Extinguisher. But, it is beneficial for your business to be completely secure - this reduces your insurance premium and reduces the time taken to process an insurance claim.
Q2: Which insurance company provides the insurance?
The insurance provider in your safety plan would be either United Insurance, Oriental Insurance or National Insurance. You will be issued a premium confirmation receipt for your own records.
Q3.What is the approximate cost which I would need to pay?
The amount you have to pay would depend on your coverage.

Coverage Amount (₹)Estimated Cost (₹) (inclusive of GST)
1-7 Lacs3000
8-12 Lacs3500
13-14 Lacs4000
15-19 Lacs5000
20-24 Lacs8000
25-39 Lacs10000
40 Lac and aboveContact Sales

Actual prices vary based on your business location, type of facility & related risk factors.
Q4: Can I apply for the camera after a few days by taking only the policy?
No, this is not possible because this is a service package. Moreover, certain insurers (e.g. National Insurance) will NOT provide Burglary & Theft insurance if you don’t have a CCTV camera installed.
After you purchase the package, we will issue the insurance policy bond only after you send us photos of hardware installation at your premise. The reason is that your policy will state that you have CCTV installed, and this will reduce your premium.
Q5: What CCTV camera does Verak offer?
Verak offers a Zebion 2.0 MP smart wifi camera. This comes with a built-in alarm and cloud storage & backup as well as a 32 GB memory card.

Model - Argoz Grand Plus 200 Security Camera
  • Cloud Storage & backup
  • Linked to Mobile App - View Camera Footage and Sound Alarm
  • 1080p footage
  • Built in alarm system
  • Dimensions - 20 x 14 x 14 centimetres
  • Newly upgraded product : July 22 release
Q6: Is there any warranty or guarantee available for Camera?
Yes, a one-year warranty is available. The warranty covers product-related or technical issues.
Q7: How long does the delivery of the CCTV camera take?
7 to 8 working days