Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

The Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 was passed by the government to protect the rights and interests of labourers who often work in increasingly dangerous conditions. This act holds employers responsible for ensuring a safe and hazard-free work environment and for providing due compensation to their workers/labourers in the event of workplace accidents.

To manage this significant liability, this Act has also made Workmen's Compensation Insurance mandatory for all manufacturing, trading, mining, construction and transport undertakings, along with factories, plantations and servicing setups

What does Workmen’s Compensation Insurance cover?

Workmen’s compensation insurance helps the employer provide adequate compensation to employees or their families in case of bodily injury leading to:

  • Death

  • Permanent total disability

  • Permanent partial disability

  • Temporary disability

Why opt for this policy?

  • Mandatory for some businesses

    This Insurance is mandatory for all factories, plantations, mining, construction and transport undertakings, etc. as mentioned in the Workmen's Compensation Act

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Everything from due compensation, to medical and hospitalization expenses, and even occupational diseases can be covered under one policy

  • Extended coverage to all workers

    This policy also covers workers who are travelling during the course of their duties, and those who are in a contractual agreement with the employer

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