Public Liability Insurance

There is always a risk of a customer getting hurt on your business property or an industrial accident causing harm to thousands of residents. To ensure they are well equipped to pay damages to victims of such unforeseen incidents, establishments opt for a Public Liability Insurance policy

Public Liability Insurance covers injuries or property damage suffered by third parties due to accidents occurring on the business premises.This policy is essential for restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, construction sites, and any other firm or establishment that directly interacts with the public.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Public Liability Insurance covers:

  • The business's legal liability to pay compensation for third party bodily injury, disease, accidental death, or property damage

  • Legal costs and expenses incurred by the business

Why opt for this policy?

  • Essential for certain businesses

    This insurance is indispensable for businesses that deal with customers physically or entertain a lot of visitors on their premises

  • Wide-ranging coverage

    Coverage under this policy can be extended to even cover floods, earthquakes, pollution, elevators/escalator accidents, and much more!

  • Mandatory to certain industries

    Industrial units and establishments that deal with hazardous substances have to compulsorily have this insurance in place as per the 1991 Public Liability Act

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