Director's and Officer's Insurance

A business's top management holds a lot of decision making power within the company. So any claim of negligence or misconduct made against these individuals could derail its reputation and profitability.

Director’s and Officer’s (D&O) Liability Insurance
seeks to extend financial protection to businesses in managing their legal liability that arises as a result of lawsuits claiming gross negligence, wrongdoing or misconduct by a director or officer.

What does Director’s & Officer’s Insurance cover?

D & O Insurance covers legal costs incurred to defend any civil or criminal action taken against company executives. This legal action could be brought on by the business’s own employees, competitors, or members of the public including customers, shareholders or regulatory authorities.

Claims made on the following grounds are covered:

  • Regulatory investigations

  • Accounting irregularities

  • Allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or other employment practice violations

  • Shareholder/stakeholder claims

  • Misconduct relating to mergers and acquisitions

  • Failure to comply with corporate governance requirements or legal statutes

The exact coverage varies by policy

Why opt for this policy?

  • Essential coverage for all businesses

    D & O is a fundamental safety net for all establishments- especially small businesses who are more vulnerable to culpatory claims

  • All-inclusive coverage

    D & O Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for not just legal costs and damages, but also securities-related grievances for publicly traded companies

  • Extended Covers

    D & O Insurance comes with additional covers for retired directors, heirs and representatives, subsidiaries, and outside directorship

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