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About Liability Insurance

Q1: Why do I need Liability Insurance
Accidents always occur unexpectedly. And these unforeseen events can lead to major lawsuits, not to mention financial and reputational ruin. Despite safety measures, your business could face the following:
  • A customer slipping and falling on business premises
  • A product or service causing accidental harm to the public
  • A client claiming misconduct or negligence on the part of staff

Liability Insurance helps you bear any unexpected loss that may arise out of these events.
Q2: What does Liability Insurance cover?
Liability Insurance covers a business organization or a professional in the event of a lawsuit or legal claim made against them by a third-party on grounds of bodily harm, property damage, wrongdoing, or negligence.

Liability Insurance helps indemnify the business of its legal liability, pay compensation to the claimant, and cover costs of defence.
Q3. Who needs to opt for Liability Insurance?
Any business, irrespective of its size or industry, should opt for Liability Insurance.Risks like a customer getting hurt on business property, or a product causing unexpected harm are far too common to ignore. Liability Insurance policies can offer extensive protection from a broad spectrum of such risks, while also covering your defence costs.

On top of that, certain Liability policies have been made compulsory by the government.For example, any business establishment dealing in hazardous substances needs to have a Public Liability Insurance in place. Similarly, certain industries are required to purchase a Workmen's Compensation Insurance policy to ensure their worker's safety.

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